Five of Anthony Bourdain’s favourite food destinations

Tony (as he preferred to be called) went to Hong Kong at the start of his television adventure, and returned often. As he said in a mid-career episode of No Reservations, "I'm constantly asked, 'What's the greatest food city in the world?' And I always say that no one can say you're wrong if you say Hong Kong."

He loved the roast goose and pork, the seafood and the homey, comforting classics of the city's dai pai dong (outdoor food stall) restaurants. He loved the electric night markets and street food, as well as its fine dining.

And, on his last visit there, in 2018, he was enamoured with Happy Paradise, owned and operated by chef May Chow, whose cooking is hyper-modern and steeped in Cantonese tradition. He took particular note of the sautéed prawns with pan-roasted pumpkin, dried shrimp roe, and prawn oil (tossed with fresh egg noodles in their current menu incarnation); medium-rare tea-smoked pigeon, Hakka-style yellow wine chicken served with oyster mushroom fried rice and chrysanthemum butter, "all of it truly, stunningly delicious".

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