ONE PRIVATE BOOKING EACH NIGHT. More privacy. More in-depth dining experience.

Starting 2020, we are a PRIVATE DINER offering buyout bookings for 10 pax+ parties.


Happy Paradise is Chef May Chow's idea of a neighbourhood hang out - a re-imagination of a wildly creative yet casual Chinese dining experience. We take pride in turning out boldly creative Neo-Chinese food, inventive Chinese-inspired cocktails, good vibes, great music in a fun neon setting.

Inspired by the diverse flavours from the various culinary traditions of China, Chef May comes out with avant-garde dishes displaying a flagrant flair for fun and her adventurous attitude while preserving the integrity of Chinese culinary philosophy and flavour profiles. Whether it's a full-on dinner or just bites at the bar, Happy Paradise offers a full restaurant menu featuring large and small plates for sharing, desserts, as well as a shorter late night menu to satisfy that post-drink late-night snacking.

Our artisanal cocktails are Chinese-influenced and organised into two categories for your convenience: Easy and Adventurous. Besides approachable classic cocktails with a Chinese twist, our Adventurous drink list features enticing signature concoctions inspired by Chinese flavours. We're deadly serious about our cocktails and you have been warned.