[JAN 2020] ​The Gourmet Theatre by WOM Guide

Together with four amazing Hong Kong-based chefs - Jacky Chan of The Refinery, Nicholas Chew of Bibo, Sang Jeong of Ichu Peru and Barry Quek of Beet, Chef May and team Happy Paradise were invited to be part of The Gourmet Theatre, WOM Guide's first dining event of 2020.

At the Gourmet Theatre on 16 - 17 January, two never-before-seen dishes that represents flavors of home were curated just for the event, featuring selected local ingredients, rose wine Chinese sausage & black tiger paw fungus:

- Lap mei fan risotto
- Braised daikon, black tiger paw fungus consommé

Hoping everyone a good time with us and all the chefs at The Gourmet Theatre!